Thursday, March 26, 2015

Outfit of the Day: Prints & Things.

Pants Winners  |  Blazer H&M  |  Shoes Aldo  |  Sunnies Marc Jacobs  |  Leopard Print Bracelet Chapters  |  Black Wrist Bracelet Aldo Accessories  | Necklace H&M

I think it may finally be SPRING in the city!! Crossing my fingers that the weather stays beautiful! I'm in love with this outfit for two reasons:

1. It's perfect for work. Super trendy because of the amazing printed pants I just happen to find at Winners. The blazer makes it a little more 'corporate' which is perfect for the office.

2. Take off the blazer and you transition right into an evening outfit. The top I'm wearing under the blazer is slightly cropped, which is perfect for a night out, if you don't have the time to get changed. And I mean, who has the time these days?!

Such a great outfit, super comfy, trendy in many ways, I just love it! 

How are you transitioning into Spring?? Drop me a line in the comments! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram @kimberleymarquisblog for more of my fashion updates!!

Photography: Ravelle Arianne

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Everyday Essentials: What's In My Bag?

A girl's bag is very personal and can contain her entire life in there. Today on the blog I'm sharing some of my handbag essentials I cannot live without. These are just a few of of the many things I carry around.

1. Leopard Print Gloves from Marciano: Since it's winter practically 7 months out of the 12 months here in Canada, I feel these are a must in my bag!

2. At least 2 pairs of sunnies! I love my Marc Jacobs pair, and I have one cheaper pair just as a backup. 

3. Holt Renfrew's Pantone Notebook: I carry it around everywhere and jot down absolutely anything from quotes I see, inspirations, grocery lists, etc. It comes in very handy!

4. Osis Hair Powder: This is a miracle hair powder from Schwarzkopf! Add a little bit of powder to your roots for instant volume. Works much better than hairspray, in my opinion! 

5. Telescopic Mascara: I've tired a million different mascaras in my lifetime, and I have to say Loreal's Telescopic mascara is the absolute best. 

6. Nivea Cream: Great for dry hands, face, legs, etc. I always keep a mini one in my bag, just in case!

7. Make Up Forever Powder: Again, trying a million different powders for my face, I find that Make Up Forever is one of the best out there for great coverage without having to use foundation. 

8. Clinique Eye Shadow Palette: I have a few different eye shadow palette's from Clinique. I find they have a great selection of colours!

9. Three must-have lip colours: A classic red: Alarm by Rimmel London. A classic nude: Totally Toffee by Maybelline. A bold pink: Flat Out Fabulous by MAC.

10. Last but not least, can't live without my EOS lip balm

What are some must-haves in your bag? Share them with me in the comments! Or tweet me @marquiskim. And don't forget to follow me in Instagram @kimberleymarquisblog

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Outfit of the Day: Simple Prints.

Jacket Le Chateau  |  Sweater Michael Kors  |  Pants H&M  |  Shoes Aldo  |  Accessories H&M/Aldo  |  Bag Marc Jacobs  |  Necklace India  |  Sunglasses New York

Now that winter is coming to an end, I'm slowly but surely putting away all the winter wear and pulling out the spring jackets and shoes! As you can in this post, no socks! However, there is still some snow on the ground, so just patiently waiting for it all to melt away and for some warmer weather to roll in. Outfits are so much better when it's nicer outside! 

In this post, I'm rocking some subtle printed pants. I love me a pair of good printed pants, as we all know that by now! I own way too many of them. Most of them however, are more on the causal side. These ones are actually great for work. I paired it with a simple white sweater and a chunky necklace. You can even throw on a blazer over the sweater for a more corporate setting.

Lets hope my next few outfit posts are more spring-like!

Photography: Ravelle Arianne

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Profiling Shoe Designer, Tanya Heath.

Listen up shoe lovers! This post is for you!

When I first heard about Tanya Heath shoes, I was completely blown away by the idea. I mean, a stylish, comfortable shoe with interchangeable heels? How is that even possible?! Well, after years of seeking the perfect shoe, Tanya Heath decided to take her heels into her own hands. She has created some gorgeous shoes that are versatile and comfortable, for the stylish, everyday woman! I'm in love with the concept of interchangeable heels. 

I visited the store to check out this amazing concept for myself, being a shoe-lover, and I instantly fell in love with the selection, and not to mention the utmost comfort in the pair of Tanya Heath shoes.

You can find the gorgeous Tanya Heath boutique nestled in Yorkville. 

They offer a unique range of shoes with interchangeable heels that let you change from a high heel to a low heel with a click of a button. 

Gushing over all the amazing styles!

Over 40 different shoe styles and 90+ interchangeable heels to choose from. Shoe prices range from $495 - $1000, and heels range from $45 - $145.

There are four types of heels that come in dozens of colours and textures: 

Denis is a "boot maker's" high heel of 8 ½ cm (almost 3 1/2 inches) 
Fran├žois is an elongated stiletto heel of 8 ½ cm (almost 3 1/2 inches) 
Christophe is a small trotter heel of 4 ½ cm (about 1 3/4 inches) 
Stephane is a perfect kitten heel of 6 cm (almost 2 1/2 inches) 

Instantly fell in love with the sparkly heel!

All of her shoe and heels are designed, handcrafted, and manufactured in France.

Wearing a pair called "The Kim"

Shoe-lovers, you must go into Tanya Heath's Boutique and check out her amazing collection of shoes! I guarantee you will be ooohing and aaahing! I know I did. 

Tweet me you favourite pairs @marquiskim using the hashtag #KMLovesTanyaHeath. And be sure to follow them on Instagram @TanyaHeathCA

Photography: Ravelle Arianne

A special thanks to Brooke Woolnough from High View Communications & Leslie-Ann Dominy from Tanya Heath Canada

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Experience Madrid!

A while back I had written about tours in Barcelona and Lisbon. Today I'm writing about an amazing walking tour I did in Madrid. When travelling to places for the first time, the city can be a bit confusing, especially when you don't speak the language. In my opinion, when you don't have a lot of time in a city, you do a tour. I booked a fabulous, walking tour with Insiders Madrid with a special lady named Joanna Wivell. Joanna was an english speaking local who had lived in Madrid for over 15 years. She knew all the in's and out's of the city, and was such a wonderful person to hang out with for the day. The tours you book through Insiders Madrid can be 100% customized. So, because I am a fashion/foodie lover, my tour with her was a walking Food & Fashion tour. 

Joanna was nice enough to walk us through the city, explaining different things about the Spanish culture while showing me the amazing fashion roots of the city. After visiting several local shops, we then stopped at a food market for some wines, cheeses, and other tastings.

Check out some of the photos captured on our tour below:

Visited a beautiful jewelry shop. You can buy every kind of bead you can think of over here!

Local bakery shop. We tried some of these pastries that practically melt in your mouth!

Polvorones are one of the most popular sweets in Madrid among the locals.


Next up was one of the most gorgeous silk scarf shops i've ever seen. These scarves can be customized with words. Many local men used to print love letters on the scarves for their special lady.

Here are some samples of love notes written in the scarf. I absolutely love the idea of these love notes printed in the scarves. So romantic!

And this is the brilliant man behind these beautiful scarves, Claudio. We got to see him in action. Such an amazing, humble, man.

Stopped over at a traditional Flamenco dress shop! These dresses are super fun. This shop has been around for a long time, and the local Flamenco dancers all get their dresses made here. 

No shortage of olives here in Madrid!

Another fabulous shop! I was stuck here for quite some time oooh-ing and ahhh-ing these gorgeous shoes! This shop made and sold traditional Flamenco shoes. They are made in such a way to really put the step in the Flamenco dance. 

The amazing shoe designer!

Our last and final stop was at a food market. This market was packed with people and vendors. You could get everything from coffee, to wine, to cheese, and meats! We filled ourselves with some of the most delicious local treats!

And of course, no day is complete in Madrid without several glasses of the finest wine!

I hope you enjoyed that! I highly recommend booking with Insiders Madrid when visiting Madrid, as they make these tours 100% customizable to you. 

A special thanks to Joanna Wivell and the team at Insiders Madrid for our amazing tour!

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